Menu Design

Started this menu with the idea of rustic, contrasting design, using kitchen related elements and ingredients and a blackboard for the content of the menu. The green used on the logo was used for the main text elements in the menu.
Tools: Illustrator; Photoshop

menu design dor de munte by victor sosea

Towels Design

For the towels I used a minimal band design which incorporates the logo (in black) and a specific traditional model from the Pensiunea Dor de Munte area.
Tools: Illustrator

Ski Buffer Design

The ski buffer includes all the logos of the partners and a funny face. The buffers are designated for the kids in the local school of skiing.
Tools: Illustrator

Ski buffer design by Victor Sosea

Flyer Design

For the school of ski and snowboard flyer I used a clean and colorful approach.
Tools: Illustrator; InDesign; Photoshop

Diploma Design

The diploma is purposed for the kids coming in the holiday camp. Because it's a ski and snowboard related camp, I used a winter scenery for the diploma, keeping the colorful approach.
Tools: Illustrator

Diploma design for Tabere Straja by Victor Sosea
Bracelet design by Victor Sosea

Bracelet Design

The bracelet only features the camp logo on a blue background.
Tools: Illustrator

Lanyard Design

The lanyard includes the logos of the partners, following the bracelet design approach.
Tools: Illustrator

Lanyard design by Victor Sosea

Outdoor Banner Design

This banner shows the way to the school of ski and snowboard. Used a minimalistic approach keeping the eye on the logo and the direction arrow.
Tools: Illustrator

Camp Banner Design

The camp banner includes the partners logos, the main camp logo and the main catchy photo from the ski and snowboard camp.
Tools: Illustrator