AP Photography Logo Animation

Logo animation created for Anca and Andrei, photographers at AP Photography. Tools: Adobe After Effects

Logo Design

Creating the logo for Anca and Andrei was fun. We managed to get a memorable and strong visual for their photography studio.
Tools: Adobe Illustrator

ap photo logo design
Business cards design

Made with Love

The business card followed the logo chromatic and included both photographers, following their husband and wife unity.
Tools: Adobe Illustrator

Glowing Website

The website followed the same memorable and distinctive colours with a touch for bold black and white photos.
Available at: apphotography.ro
Platform: WordPress

website design ap photography
flyer design ap photography

Kids Photo Session Flyer

For the kids flyer Anca wanted something playful and colorful, so we managed to acquire that using a blend of powerful colours combined with studio photos.
Tools: Adobe Illustrator

Trifold Brochure

For this trifold brochure we created a minimalist design combined with bold photos.
Tools: Adobe InDesign

trifold brochure design