Photography: Professional Retouching Actions Kit

Save hours! This set of 5 Photoshop actions will help you speed up most common retouching tasks, while avoiding plastic look and preserving skin-texture details. Easy to use actions that can deal with even very bad skin with natural result. Actions you will, actually use!

Professional Retouching Actions Kit

What is inside:

“Quick skin” action – With this action you can do very fast skin clean-up and softening without loosing any detail. Its very forgiving, not reqire precise masking – you can paint over edges. Its also totally customizable, you can control every detail and get result that fits your taste.
“Magic brush” action – Really magic action that reduce freckles, wrinkles etc. Its also awesome for additional smoothening. You just need to try what can it do for you.
“Light powder” action – natural, fresh skin tone softening to add some life to your portraits.
“Eye doctor” action – precisly made tool for eye whitening an adding subtle pop to iris.
“Dentist” action – very fast, natural teeth whitening. Does not require precise masking.


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