Most popular Social Media WordPress themes

There are literally millions of WordPress themes available around the web, pre-made and waiting for you to use. You just have to look for them. The trouble is, plenty of these don’t have social media integration, which is the sophisticated addition that really makes your site/ blog stand out.

Take some existing sites as examples of good social media integration. Sites like MSN, Partypoker and Twitter, all have themes that use social media icons, header bars and social feeds that allow you to grow your media presence. In terms of WordPress, here are some examples of themes, that are considerably superior in the sense of their social media design.

Social Life

This theme is great for a personal website. You could even use for your portfolio of work. For example, if you are posting your artwork online, this theme allows you to add Flickr photos and Vimeo Videos, as well as Tweets. So, if someone is talking about your work, you’ll know about it, and they’ll see what you are saying too.


This theme has a three column template and homepage slider, that give it a neat little edge. There is also the option to embed a video. You’ll like the look of the ‘Latest Tweet’ Twitter feed, and other social media icons that improve its accessibility to site visitors.


Diana is a great theme if you are a business. You have seven social media icons in the sidebar, including Twitter and a rare add, StumbleUpon. You may also add your YouTube videos into the ‘Featured Video’ box. Perfect for showing off a product etc.

Brest Lite

One of the cleanest theme templates available, this one makes good use of YouTube, Flickr, Deviant Art and Twitter icons, which are clearly visible and decently sized in the right hand corner. This theme is especially wonderful for a creative portfolio or site.

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