3D Pie Charts Generator

With 3D Pie Charts Generator now you can make realistic – precision pie charts with only a view clicks on Photoshop.
Thousands of Photoshop activities packaged in a simple Actions set. Super easy use and very efficient.
And if you’re an Adobe Photoshop CS5 users, just install the custom panel (Adobe Extension Manager CS5 required) and you will get a friendly use panel in your Photoshop CS5 .

3D Pie Charts Generator


• PDF Instructions
• Photoshop Patterns (.pat)
• Photoshop Styles (.asl)
• Photoshop Actions (.atn)
• High Quality and Customizable Elements (.psd, Smart Objects)
Photoshop CS5 User:
• Custom Panel: PIE GENERATOR .zxp for Mac user: install with Adobe Extension Manager, for Windows user: right click Adobe Extension Manager, run as administrator then install.

Get it now!

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